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    Why do I need to create an account and register to download Blinq?

    Blinq enables you to communicate with your home photo library from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Blinq uses this small piece of software to connect your local devices to the images on your home computer.

    You need to have a Blinq account so you can always access your photos from any computer or Internet-enabled device.

    How do I install and setup Blinq on MAC or PC?

    Download Blinq – the new, easy way to access and share all your photos from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. No uploading required!

    Get started:

    All it takes is a simple 10-second download to your MAC or PC and you’ll have a great new way to access and share all your photos.

    Does my home computer need to be running for me to use Blinq for remote access?

    Yes and no, Blinq will store shared photos so you and your friends can see them and Blinq can wake up most computers operating more recent Operating Systems if your computer is set to “sleep.”

    How do I set up my Mac or PC so Blinq will automatically wake it up?

    MAC – Open System Preferences, choose Energy Saver and check the ‘Wake for Ethernet network access’ box.

    Or if you would prefer to turn off sleep mode on your Mac, open System Preferences Energy Saver and make sure ‘Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible’ is unchecked and drag the ‘Computer sleep’ slider all the way to right above ‘Never.’

    PC- Set your computer to ‘never’ sleep. You can do this by going into the Control Panel Power Options Change when the computer sleeps to “never” sleep.

    Note: You may choose to put your display to sleep after a certain amount of time, as this will not affect your computer’s connection to the Internet. When your display is asleep but your computer is on, energy usage is minimal.

    Do I need to use iPhoto or Aperture on my Mac in order to use Blinq?

    No, Blinq does not require iPhoto. During the setup procedure you can optionally check the ‘Use iPhoto Library’ box, the “Use Aperture Library” box, or , if you choose not to use the iPhoto or Aperture Library, simply choose the folder where your photos are located, and you can browse the folders in the Blinq App. You can also go to the click on the Q in in your menu bar or systems try when Blinq is running on your home computer and open “preferences.” From there, go to “Blinq Folders” and add the folders where you have your photos.

    Can I connect Blinq to more than one computer?

    Yes, as long as each computer has Blinq software installed and you log into your account.

    Are my photos private when I use Blinq?

    Yes. Only people you authorize can see your photos. You have total control over your photo library at all times.

    How do I share photos with friends and family and their photos?

    All you need to do to share with friends is select the photos you want them to see and click the “share” button. You can share individual photos or albums or selected photos within albums.

    When you share photos with friends, they’ll be asked to accept and sign up for Blinq by going to www.blinqphoto.com. They don’t need to install Blinq to view photos you share, but they do need to have Blinq installed if they want to share their photos with you.

    Once someone shares photos with you, he or she will appear in your “My Friends” area, and you’ll be able to see their shared photos from any computer or Internet-enabled Apple device.

    Does my home computer need to be running for me to remotely access my home photo library?

    Yes, but Blinq can wake up most computers operating more recent Operating Systems. You can also access photos shared with friends as these are also saved to Blinq servers.


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